Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a wall in Prague

Where to even start with this wall? Che Guevera? Yuri Gagarin? Russian go home? This is from a wall in Prague, a city that was ruled by a horribly oppressive communist regime for decades and for the most part the locals consider to have been devistating to Czech culture... I'm afraid I can't even comment... this wall is so perfect it seems fake.

Also... it's odd to me that it's all written in English.  Why no Czech?

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Daniel said...

Hi al'xae! I found your article about this photo, when I was finding some history about that art when I was deciding to post my photograhy. So unfortunatelly, I cant tell you more about history of that piece of street art, but I can show you my photo of that place made almost year before you... Everyway, thank you for you article and breif description about our Country. Its basically truthful ;)

My photo you can see and read some about stuff here http://www.danielkral.cz/russian-go-home-uz-neexistujici-graffiti-v-praze-a-street-view Feel free to write me back or comment my article ;) Daniel